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Bad experience with tomtop

Ordered drone AOSENMA CG035 on 2017-08-26 14:11:47
order No.AN17H26N1147-7TISNH
Arrived after about 1 week.
Gimbal Cam was not working.
Contacted Tomtop, no reply.
Opened a Paypal case. Then, I have to send back on my costs to the warehouse germany, from where it came (good luck, not to CN!)
But didn't getg back the shipping cost, thanks paypal I gat them back.
But drone was back on Friday 08 Sept 2017 (DHL 129959347278)
But until today, I don't have back my money.
I get newsletters, and the wish, to leave my review. So here we go.
Have to wait, till paypal has end its sleep and I get back my money.
That sucks, will never buy on Tomtop again.
I didn't believe other reviews and comments in the internet. A lesson learned.

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