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I paid many days ago a lot of money for a good new drone

I paid many days ago a lot of money for a good new drone.
I have to wait much longer for my drone than the advertising was telling me (1 month).
I can fly exactly one time with my new drone.
The second time the drone flips during the autom. start, crashes and does not fly any longer.
I tell BG all these facts.
BG does not believe me and want some proofs.
I send BG some photos and videos.
BG once again do not believe me and wants AGAIN some proofs.
I send BG AGAIN some photos and videos.

And now BG wants me to pay for returning the drone.

So I have to pay TWICE and do have NOTHING ?
* TWICE: 1st Drone & return-shipping
* NOTHING: At least until BG sends me a new drone and I have it in my hands

This is not the expected behaviour when somebody is telling me:
* 'We deeply apologize ...'
* '...great pleasure to assist you...'
* ' sorry for the inconvenience caused...'
* 'We are very sorry for such destabilizing encounters you have been faced with ...'

Once again:
BG have my money already for a long time.
I do have NOTHING but trouble.

My hope was:
BG replaces the defect drone: Fast and uncomplicated.

But now I have to pay for something I am NOT responsible for.
Please keep in mind:
I pay good money and BG sents me a defective drone.

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